Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sick and Tired of Stupid!

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the delay between posts. It's been a very busy time for me recently both at work and in life. It's cut into my time to write. But, I am back, and this post will be much less gracious than any of my previous posts. If you find swearing offensive, feel free to stop reading here. If not . . . press on dear reader.

As always, I am open to debates with Christians. I love the interaction and in many cases, I learn from these debates and I wish to think that perhaps they learn something from me. Often, the people who I debate are well spoken, thoughtful Christians. Many of them are educated and have decent arguments. Although all of their arguments are flawed in some way, they can be challenging. Generally, I don't take debates with people unless they have some scientific, theological, and rhetorical acumen. I think it makes for a better discussion if my opponent has the ability to articulate and defend their position. Thus, most of my debates are against pastors, theologians, Christian scientists, etc.

I am regularly challenged to debates by lay Christians too. Up until recently, I steered clear of these discussions. However, with some prodding, I decided to accept some of the challenges. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE!! Holy shit, people, the average lay Christian is a moron -- a big fucking moron. I am simply astonished at how dumb they can be. I thought it would be interesting to get their perspectives on these topics -- instead, I got a world tour of idiocy. Here is a sampling of the idiocy I came across:

1. Lay Christians do not know the Bible to save their lives. Many do not even have a basic understanding of what is presented in the Bible. One of these people tried to convince me that the Bible was written in 1611. WHAT??? 16-fucking-11? I found myself having to give many of these idiots a basic lesson on the Bible -- and they are the ones who believe in that shit!

2. Lay Christians do not know jack shit about their own basic theologies. Again, I had to spend amazing amounts of time explaining to them what they believed. I felt like a fucking Sunday school teacher. If you cannot describe the difference between predestination and free will, then you need to head back to church school for awhile before you try to engage in a debate.

3. Lay Christians do not know even the basics of science -- yet they seem to believe that they are experts in debunking evolution. These morons would read some drivel like Ray Comfort or Lee Stroebel and start parroting those arguments. However, under any amount of scrutiny, it was clear that they did not even know what any of those arguments even meant. Dumb motherfuckers! It became impossible to even begin to debate these mouth breathers because they could not even articulate their "own" positions. These idiots are completely illiterate when it comes to basic science -- so they have no ability to even understand the basics of evolution -- let alone discuss the key nuances behind it. They have about as much scientific knowledge as the goat herders who made up the creation story had -- no wonder they believe in creationism.

4. Lay Christians have no clue what the basic rules of logical debate are. They believe that "Nuh-uh" is a legitimate counter to an articulated argument. "I don't believe that" is another favorite of lay Christians. What kind of fucking argument is that? My 11 year old is a better debater than these shit heads. You can't have a discussion if one of the parties does not even know how to form and articulate a position.

5. These fucktards actually revel in their ignorance. In some cases, they would posit the argument that they did not need to know science, or literature, or history. All they had to know is that Jesus loves them and that was good enough for them. They actually choose ignorance!! While it is true that most Christians will only read and listen to things which confirm their convictions, I never really understood what that meant until now.

Why does this bother me so much? Really, why should I spend any time worrying about this? Here are a few reasons:

1. These idiots vote. These idiots get an equal say in issues like global warming, economic policy, foreign policy and other key decisions that I do. Yet, they could not for half a second even form an informed opinion on any of these topics. Instead, these idiots wrap themselves up in the mantra: What would Jesus do? These idiots are voting in Christian idiots to lead us. We are fucking doomed if we allow these shit for brains morons determine our public policy.

2. Even more scary, these people are breeding more little soldiers for Christ at an alarming rate. Christians typically have larger family than non-Christians. Sheesh -- we're already outnumbered and it's getting worse by the minute.

3. To complicate matters, Christians are homeskooling in record numbers. So, any chance their children had to learn about the real world is gone. Instead, their science class consists of "If it ain't in the Bible, it ain't true." Their logic and argument classes consist of rebuttals like, "Nuh-uh" or "I just can't believe that" or "Logic and reason can't prove anything -- faith can."

I know, I know. I should not be so heavy handed with these retards. Wrong. This is what makes me so afraid of religion in general and Christianity specifically. They are idiots but they think they have good handle on things. The world is a dangerous enough place without these people running around.

Heaven help us . . . check that . . . reason help us.

Sorry for the rant today, I just had to get it off my chest.

Catch you all later!

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